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We offer a comprehensive range of patent services tailored to meet the unique needs of inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Our experienced team of patent attorneys and professionals specializes in all aspects of patent law, providing expert guidance and support throughout the patent process. Our patent services include:

Patent Searches

We conduct thorough patent searches to assess the novelty and patentability of your invention. Our goal is to identify existing patents and prior art that may affect the patentability of your invention, allowing us to develop a strategic approach to patent protection.

Patent Drafting

Our experienced patent attorneys work closely with you to draft a high-quality patent application that accurately and effectively describes your invention. We ensure that your patent application meets all legal requirements and maximizes your chances of obtaining strong patent protection.

Patent Filing

Our team of experienced patent attorneys is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable patent filing services tailored to your needs. We handle all aspects of patent filing, from drafting forms and documents to submitting them to the patent office. By entrusting our attorneys, you can rest assured that your patent filings will always be thorough and precise.

Patent Prosecution

We guide clients through the patent prosecution process, responding to office actions and advocating for the issuance of patent rights. Our team has extensive experience navigating the complexities of patent law and can help you overcome any obstacles that may arise during prosecution.

Patent Portfolio Management

We assist clients in managing their patent portfolios, helping them strategically develop and maintain a portfolio of patents that aligns with their business objectives. This may involve evaluating existing patents, identifying opportunities for patent expansion, and making decisions regarding patent maintenance and renewal.